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Shale Gas - The time is now

IGEM's new report examining key aspects of shale gas development in the UK has been published and is now available to download. The report considers the unique geology and regulatory situation in the UK, together with community-related considerations to do with the development of UK shale gas.




This paper does not aim to contribute to the negative discussion surrounding the extraction of shale gas but rather attempts to define a history of the industry, the landscape as it stands in Europe and the US and the regulatory and legislative measures moving forward towards a secure energy future in Europe and the required developments to infrastructure in order to exploit this potential geopolitical game changer. The paper focuses on shale gas as the most promising 'unconventional' gas, the other two being tight gas and coalbed methane, due to the exposure it has received.

You can download a copy of the research report here.





The time is now report

Shale Gas - the time is now


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