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Shale Gas - A UK Energy Miracle

This is IGEM's public response to the recent interest in Shale Gas exploration in the UK.


Gas drilling site in Lancashire. Image courtesy Cuadrilla Resources Ltd.

IGEM would like to thank the following for their assistance in compiling the report:

  1. Ms Toni Harvey, Senior Geoscientist, DECC
  2. Ms Jenny Banks, Energy and Climate Change Policy Officer, WWF-UK
  3. Professor Peter Styles, Keele University
  4. Ms Anna Pechlivanidou, Economic Analyst, OFGEM
  5. Mr Ijaz Rasool, Economic Analyst, OFGEM
  6. Mr Mark Miller, CEO, Cuadrilla Resources
  7. Mr Gerwyn Llewellyn Williams, Director, UK Methane Ltd, Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd
  8. Mr Tony Grayling, Head of Climate Change and Communities, Environment Agency
  9. Mr Alun Cairns MP, MP for Vale of Glamorgan


The full report is available here (right click, save as)

We intend to review this document in the next few months and any comments on this report would be welcome.

Please direct any questions or comments to


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Shale Gas PDF Report
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Video Report (IGEM Members Only)


This report has been released to the following media for consideration;

  • · The Guardian
  • · The Indpependent
  • · The Telegraph
  • · The Times
  • · The Daily Mail
  • · The Express

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