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IGEM's Involvement

 What is IGEM doing in this sector?

Currently, IGEM is involved with the Ofgem review group looking into energy market issues for biomethane projects (EMIB). The purpose of the EMIB review group is to provide a platform for debate on the potential barriers to the commercial development of biomethane projects within the energy market, as well as finding the appropriate means of addressing such barriers.

IGEM are currently working on a technical standard for the distribution of biogas and injection of biomethane into the GDN, which will cover the design, construction, inspection, testing, operation and maintenance of entry facilities. There is conflicted interest between the biomethane producers who desire a cheap method to measure properties in relatively small-scale plant, and networks who desire accuracy by using expensive equipment for both gas quality control and fiscal metering. Therefore, the standards will try to address the issues behind injection.

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