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Recognition of training


The industry has agreed through the Strategy Management Board (SMB) that training of new entrants has to be recognised as explained in HSE's document Safety in the Installation and Use of Gas Systems and Appliances (L56 Approved Code of Practice) and relates specifically to Regulation 3 (1) i.e. 'Qualification and Supervision'. This states gas work should only be undertaken:

(a)      By a person who has successfully completed an industry-recognised training course followed by assessment of competence. Training that leads to assessment of competence in safe gas work should be recognised by the standard setting body: or

(b)     In the case of a current or previously registered person, where they  have proved competence through a certification scheme: or

(c)      For those working at premises that fall outside the scope of the Regulations by a person who has successfully completed an appropriate full training course followed by assessment of competence.

The gas industry document IGEM/IG/1 "Standards of training in gas work" provides criteria and guidance to training providers, trainee gas engineers and employers on the scope, standards and quality of training required to enable a gas engineer to achieve competence. The training provider is required to design and develop training programmes to meet the needs of the trainee, taking account of their level of skill, knowledge and experience of gas work.

The objective of IGEM/IG/1 is to provide the gas utilisation industry with an agreed training structure for those entering the industry, along with those providing training, a clear, robust route to achieve well trained and knowledgeable persons able to work safely within the UK gas utilisation sector.

In order for the industry to implement the intent of IGEM/IG/1 the SMB has created a governance structure to enable recognition of the training for new entrants to the industry to be managed.

The SMB has appointed IGEM to act as Authoriser for Recognition of training and managing the governance process of recognising training delivered by Training providers through Recognisers of training and Independent training providers. This will include the management and controls that they have to apply and checking that the content of the training and the work experience is as detailed in the relevant industry specifications, see Figure 1.

All training that becomes initially and fully recognised will be listed on Energy & Utility Skills website

All those training organisations that undertake training of gas engineers will receive a letter from IGEM by the end of November to ascertain whether they wish to deliver recognised training and they should respond by 31st December in order to take part. If a letter is not received, please contact IGEM by e-mail to or telephone 01509678150.

If there are any questions about recognition of training or the governance process please refer to Energy & Utility Skills website or contact by e-mail to or telephone 0845 077 99 22.

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