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Withdrawn IGEM Standards

Why IGEM withdraw Standards

From time to time, IGEM withdraws (makes obsolete) a Standard without issuing a superseding Standard.

The reasons for such withdrawal may include:

  • the Standard is out of date in some respects and the demand for a replacement is negligible, for example IGE/SR/12 Edition 2
  • the Standard is out of date in some respects and, while the demand for a replacement may be significant, IGEM considered that other, more up to date , sufficient, standards are available, for example from BSI, NFPA etc. for example IGE/SR/17
  • the Standard has in effect been superseded by other standards which may be IGEM's or others' such as BSI, for example IGE/TD/15.

Any IGEM Standard that has been withdrawn is obsolete and IGEM takes no responsibility if the Standard continues to be applied beyond its withdrawal date.

Standards that have been withdrawn in the last 3 years (and not fully superseded by an IGEM Standard) may be available to download from this website, dependent upon the degree to which the Standard was considered to be out of date and/or whether other referenced standards contain all the (more up to date) information from the withdrawn Standard.

If a withdrawn Standard, or parts of a withdrawn Standard, are not available to download, then that Standard is either shown to be inaccurate/outdated to an unacceptable degree, or 3 years has elapsed since its withdrawal. In both such cases, hard copies can only be obtained by application to IGEM Technical Services for which there is a charge for photocopying and postage and electronic copy is not available.

IGE/SR/10. Communication 1660. Dealing with escapes of gas into underground plant 

Withdrawn. Superseded.

Alternative references: Content incorporated into IGEM/SR/29.

IGE/SR/20. Communication 1650. Dealing with reported gas escapes 

Withdrawn. Superseded.

Alternative references: Content incorporated into IGEM/SR/29.

IGE/SR/9 Edition 2. Communication 1654. Safe working practice for PRIs

Withdrawn. Superseded.

Alternative references: Content incorporated into IGEM/TD/13 Edition 2.

IGE/SR/26. Communication 1662. Horizontal directional drilling and impact moling 

Withdrawn. Superseded.

Alternative references: Content incorporated into IGEM/SR/28 Edition 2.

IGE/ER/1 Edition 2. Communication 1638. Occupational Hygiene Practice

Withdrawn. Obsolete.

Alternative references: HSE AcoPs and Guidance (

IGE/TD/15. Communication 1679. Services and metering installations for a gas flow not exceeding  6 m3h-1 at supply MOP exceeding 75 mbar but not exceeding 2 bar

Withdrawn. Obsolete.

Alternative references: BS 6400-2 for the meter installation
IGE/TD/4 for the service (including the emergency control valve)

Extant Recommendations

IGEM's Gas Measurement Committee has approved the following relevant text from TD/15 with respect to operation and maintenance of the meter housing and meter installation. This should be considered as guidance only and not formal IGEM requirements.


Routine inspection of the installation should be undertaken at a period not exceeding 5 years to guard against changes in the surroundings of the installation due to factors such as building alterations, extensions or garden landscaping. The following should be carried out:

  • check the atmosphere around the installation for the presence of gas. Any leaks should be rectified or reported to the emergency service provider
  • check that the siting criteria has not been compromised by building work, landscaping, fitting of electrical apparatus, etc.
  • check that the meter box has not been damaged such that a passage of gas would be possible from the installation directly into the property
  • check that the relief vent pipe is attached securely to the regulator and that the vent tip is outside the meter box
  • check the installation for water ingress and/or corrosion
  • check the outlet pressure of the installation.

Records of inspection should be made and retained.


Functional checks should be carried out in accordance with BS 6400-2 at intervals not exceeding 10 years. However, when the installation comprises a pressure control and safety system incorporating a relief valve and a meter installation excess flow valve, the requirement for a periodic functional check on the operation of these valves should be assessed on the basis of the operating history of such installations.

Records of functional checks should be made and retained.


Whenever work, i.e. intrusion into a gasway, is undertaken, tests as outlined in BS 6400-2 should be carried out.

IGE/SR/12 Edition 2. Communication 1661. Handling of methanol

Withdrawn. Obsolete at August 2007.

Download IGE/SR/12 Edition 2

IGE/GL/3. Communication 1628. Gas supply emergency procedures

Withdrawn. Obsolete at 2007.

Download IGE/GL/3

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