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IGEM/UP/10 Installation of flued gas appliances in industrial and commercial premises.

This Standard covers the safe installation of gas installations which vent exhaust gases to the outdoors on industrial and commercial premises.

These procedures apply to gas fired open flued and room sealed appliances, including:

  • Hot water boilers of net heat input exceeding 70 kW.
  • Steam boilers.
  • Thermal fluid heaters.
  • Storage water heaters of net heat input exceeding 70 kW.
  • Warm air heaters of net heat input exceeding 54 kW.
  • Radiant heaters.

They cover 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases and apply to new appliances, along with retro-fitting of burners to existing appliances.

It contains details of:

  • Legislation such as Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations
  • Selection of appliances
  • Location of appliances and pipework
  • Design of pipework
  • Ventilation
  • Chimneys, including construction and material choice
  • Gas and fire detection and hazardous areas
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Servicing and maintenance

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