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Strength testing, tightness testing and direct purging of Natural Gas and LPG meter installations

This is a new Standard which applies for any meter installation (or part thereof):

  • supplying Natural Gas or LPG
  • MOP < 7 bar
  • with a volume not exceeding 1 m3
  • having a method of temporarily sealing the outlet of the installation/section, for example a valve, blanking device, etc.
  • not including polyethylene (PE) pipe or fittings
  • which is not within scope of IGE/UP/1B.

This Standard applies for any meter installation:

  • Supplying Natural Gas or LPG
  • MOP ≤ 7 bar
  • With a volume not exceeding  1 m3
  • Having a method of temporarily sealing the outlet of the installation/section
  • Not including polyethylene pipe or fitting
  • Which is not within the scope of IGE/UP/1B

It covers pneumatic strength and tightness testing, along with direct purging. It covers testing in the following circumstances:

  • Prior to a new installation being commissioned with gas
  • Where a leak is suspected to exist on an existing installation
  • Where a new section has been added into an existing installation
  • Where there has been a complete loss of pressure, for any reason.

It covers direct purging in the following situations:

  • New installation
  • Alteration to, replacement of, or re-use of, an existing installation
  • Where there has been a complete loss of pressure for any reason
  • Where there is the possibility of air being present in an installation
  • Where an installation is to be taken temporarily or permanently out of service

IGEM/UP/1C recommends that if an installation is within scope of IGE/UP/1B then IGE/UP/1B should be used. This applies whether or not there is a means of isolation on the outlet.

IGEM/UP/1C is most useful for those meter installations that have a means of isolation on the outlet, are out of scope of IGE/UP/1B and where there is no desire to test the installation pipework downstream of the meter installation.

In the main IGEM/UP/1C is aimed at those who undertake meter installation/replacement work e.g Meter Asset Managers.


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