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IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 and IGEM/UP/1101

Gas installations for educational establishments

IGEM has now completed a major review of IGE/UP/11 for educational establishments (schools etc.) following a number of questions in recent times and the view that the old British Gas document IM/25 had more useful information.

The new draft is differently assembled with headings covering major issues such as pipework; ventilation; manual valves; automatic isolation valves; teaching areas; art, design & technology areas; food technology areas; laboratories; boiler rooms/spaces; testing & maintenance; emergency procedures; etc. Specifically this drafting includes much more detailed information on the provision of adequate ventilation as well as on the interlocking of ventilation systems with the associated automatic isolation valve systems and the option of carbon dioxide monitoring to control ventilation as part of an energy conservation measure.

Most importantly, the 2nd edition now incorporates a section for the guidance of school personnel such as governors, bursars, head teachers, teachers, technical staff etc, detailing their duties and responsibilities with respect to the gas installation and all appliances.

The contents of the main parts of the publication are intended for competency training for registered gas personnel as part of their special responsibilities within educational establishments. It is also essential that those persons designing and specifying equipment are competent with respect to the application of this publication inn order to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors.

Guidance on gas installations for the management and staff within educational establishments

This Guidance document picks up the relevant information for management and staff in educational estblishments from the IGEM standard, IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2. It details duties and responsibilities with respect to the gas installation and all appliances. It is hoped that the advice given will form part of the essential training for those persons within educational establishments working with gas appliances.

IGEM/UP/1101 can be ordered online using the following link IGEM/UP/1101.

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