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IGEM/SR/25 Edition 2

Hazardous area classification of Natural Gas installations

This Standard applies to all Natural Gas installations and complements BS EN 60079-10-1 by providing detailed requirements for the hazardous area classification of permanent and temporary Natural Gas installations, thus providing a basis for the correct selection and location of fixed electrical equipment in those areas.

This Standard applies to any potential release of Natural gas except those that may be caused by catastrophic failure such as the rupture of a process vessel or pipeline, component failure and similar rare events that are not predictable.

Certain aspects of the design of new plant and equipment can affect significantly the nature and severity of the eventual hazardous area classification.

IGEM/SR/25 is not intended to provide design details for equipment. However, compliance with the general principles of design will help minimize the severity of the hazardous area classification.

New Edition - What has changed?

Significant changes have been made, including:

  • the concept of negligible extent hazardous areas
  • a revised methodology for ventilation of enclosures
  • revised vent zoning distances, including angled and downward- pointing
  • smaller leak hole size for LP installations
  • more information on zones external to building ventilators

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