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The Specification applies to regulators with inlet and outlet connections in line or at right angles and threaded internally (Rc) to BS EN 10226. The type A regulator has inlet connection of Rc¾ and outlet connection of Rc¾ or 1" union to BS 746 with the axis of the outlet vertical. The type B regulator has an inlet connection of Rc¾ (this may be achieved using a reducing bush threaded Rc¾) and an outlet connection of Rc1 with the axes of both connections in the horizontal plane. The type C regulator has connections of Rc¾ with the inlet and outlet connections in line.

 This Specification sets out the requirements for testing the product as follows:

  • materials for corrosion resistance
  • gas tightness, performance and mechanical life
  • durability to mechanical stress
  • during production.

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