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IGEM/GM/6 Edition 2

Non-domestic Meter Installations. Standard Designs

This Standard covers standard design gas supply meter installations of badged capacity exceeding 6m3h-1 and not exceeding 1076 m3h-1 of MOPu not exceeding 75 mbar.

By following IGEM/GM/6, it will be possible to select, construct, install and maintain an appropriate meter installation, incorporating either a diaphragm or a RD meter.

Standard designs fall into two categories:

  • IGEM/GM/6 designs - conforming to the drawings and component list of Appendix 5
  • manufacturer-designed pre-assembled modules complying with IGEM/GM/6.

New Edition - What has changed?

The scope of this IGEM Standard still only covers Natural Gas, but this revised Edition has been fully updating, including:

  • taking account of the design minimum pressure of 19 mbar
  • changes to twin stream capacity installations
  • amended pressure drop values for individual components.

IGEM/GM/6 Edition 2 can be ordered online using the following link IGEM/GM/6 Edition 2.

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