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IGEM/GL/6 Edition 3

Safe Control of Operations for Gas Networks

This Standard has adopted a risk based approach aligning it to the goal setting nature of UK Health and Safety Law that has evolved since the Robens Report of 1972. By embracing the proportionality through "reasonable practicability", it avoids the difficulties that would otherwise arise from a more prescriptive approach. Goal setting law demands a higher level of competence of duty holders. It means that Gas Transporters (GT) focus resources on the activities that are to be carried out to eliminate or reduce risk as low as reasonably practicable.

Goal setting safety legislation introduced in the 1980's in the gas industry for pressure systems enabled a move towards maintenance and operational strategies based on the risk and consequence of failure.

A risk assessment was conducted (using methodology from HSE's Five Steps to Risk Assessment (INDG163)) to determine low to high Safe Control of Operations (SCO) risks activities and their associated control measures. This provided a method to balance controls appropriately to the activity risk level. The process has also been supported by a review of operational techniques, competence requirements and innovation when working on or maintaining a gas supply. The results of the risk assessment provide the basis for this document and are held by IGEM.

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