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IGEM/GL/2 Planning of transmission and storage systems operating at pressures exceeding 16 bar.

This Standard is designed to provide guidance on the planning of Natural Gas distribution systems so that continuity of gas supply is maintained to consumers at sufficient pressure.

This Guidance contains advice on the planning and design of Natural Gas systems and any associated storage of MOP exceeding 16 bar. It provides practical guidance to support GS(M)R and PSR. Its purpose is to ensure that there is sufficient transportation capacity. It includes the arrangements and agreements required between different GTs and Network owners at system boundaries, to ensure the continuity of gas flow. It is intended to be used by competent persons in the planning and design of systems and for the ongoing monitoring and reinforcement of existing systems. It includes details of:

  • An overview and planning process
  • Network analysis computer modelling techniques
  • System interfaces
  • System planning
  • Storage modelling
  • PRI design parameters
  • Supplies to large users


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