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Handling, transport and storage of PE pipe and fittings

IGEM/G/8 covers the handling, transport and storage of PE pipe (coils, on drums, straight lengths supplied individually or as bundled packs).

There is a common misconception that PE pipe products are lightweight and thus do not require the same stringent health and safety controls that are adopted for the handling of steel pipes.

This Standard highlights precautions to control PE pipe products being delivered, off-loaded and stored safely at customers' sites. The underlying theme is that PE pipe products be treated with a similar level of caution as perceived heavier steel pipe products and be unloaded in a controlled manner.

New Edition - What has changed?

Although IGEM/G/8 has not been published before, this Standard supersedes IGE/TD/3 Edition 4 Supplement 1 which is now obsolete.

In 2009, the UK Plastic Pipes Industry issued Guidelines for the safe delivery and unloading of plastic pipes to customers' sites. These Guidelines received the written support of the Head of Injuries Reduction Programme, HSE. This Standard embraces the content of the Guidelines in terms of risk assessment, order placement, and receiving and unloading pipe deliveries. The opportunity has also been taken to update the Standard in terms of references, definitions and prescription.


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