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Gas in multi-occupancy buildings

In September 2012, IGEM published Edition 2 of IGEM/G/5 which supersedes Edition 1 published in 2006. The Standard covers gas supplies to buildings containing multiple domestic dwellings or a building containing both multiple domestic dwellings and commercial units. The supplies of gas to multi-occupancy buildings presents additional considerations such as:

  • the routing of upstream/downstream pipework
  • locating meters and meter banks
  • locating ECVs
  • the requirements for protected shafts
  • countering expansion and contraction of pipework
  • pipe sizing and loading
  • shared flue systems (see IGEM/UP/17)
  • special safety measures (EFVs; FSDs)

Significant amendments have been made compared to the first Edition. These include:

  • reviewed hierarchy for timber and traditionally constructed buildings
  • revision of all Figures and new additional Figures
  • reviewed location of electrical insulation fittings/couplings
  • updated requirements for equipotential bonding
  • additional requirements for isolation valves
  • further emphasis with respect to gaining access to network pipelines for future maintenance
  • requirements for energy centres
  • new procedure for testing existing network pipelines.

IGEM/G/5 can be ordered online using the following link IGEM/G/5.

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