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IGEM/G/1 Edition 2 - Defining the end of the network

This Standard defines various important terms within Natural Gas systems and provides a basic guide to the arrangement of the components required in such a system.

  • provides a framework and standard approach or new gas distribution mains, services, primary meter installations and installation pipework and include:

    • definitions for the end of the gas network, the primary meter installation (including any associated regulator) and installation pipework
    • illustrations of a range of recommended arrangements and those which, for historical reasons, are not recommended with respect to their design or layout and are "legacy" arrangements
    • identification of boundaries and interfaces.
  • is applicable to all Natural Gas systems and defines the boundaries and interfaces between the end of the Network, a primary meter installation and installation pipework and, in addition, provides a definition of recommended gas supply arrangements which will simplify any new arrangements that are required to ensure a safe and secure supply of gas to a consumer.

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