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Technical - General Series Standards

These cover activities affecting both Upstream and Downstream installations

This series of Standards addresses special issues such as recommended gas supply arrangements (IGE/G/1) and gas supplies to and within buildings containing multiple individual dwellings, for example blocks of flats (IGEM/G/5).

  • IGEM/G/1 - Defining the end of the network

    This Standard is applicable to all Natural Gas systems and provides a framework for the arrangement of gas distribution mains, services, primary meter installations, installation pipework and includes:

    • Definition of the end of the gas network, the primary meter installation and installation pipework.
    • Illustrations of a range of standard arrangements currently deemed appropriate for the gas industry to provide a safe and secure supply of gas to a customer.
    • Illustrations of a range of legacy (formerly used) arrangements, which are not recommended with respect to their design or layout.
    • Identification of boundaries and interfaces.

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  • IGEM/G/4 - Definitions for the gas industry

    • provides definitions of terms used in Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) Standards.
    • recognises inconsistency between definitions within IGEM Standards issued up to September 2009 due to the time period over which those Standards were developed. It attempts to consolidate the varied use of different terms across IGEM Standards, to provide a base for their future amendment and to represent current best practice.
    • definitions contained within such an IGEM Standard published prior to 1st September 2009 may continue to be used until such time as that Standard is made obsolete. Where an IGEM Standard published on or after 1st September 2009 does not contain definitions, this Standard applies.

    View the full Standard for free on the IGEM Website.

  • IGEM/G/5 - Gas in flats

    This standard provides guidance on gas installations in buildings designed to be used by multiple sets of occupants, whether as a home or as a commercial property e.g. a set of flats above a shop. It includes all pipework design up to and including the meter.

    This Standard covers gas installations to and within multi-occupancy buildings and the individual dwellings and commercial units within such buildings. It does not cover installations to and within properties considered separate buildings, each comprising a single dwelling, such as detached, semi-detached or terraced houses/bungalows.

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  • IGEM/G/6 - Gas supplies to mobile dwellings

    This Standard provides guidance on supplying Natural Gas or LPG to mobile housing dwellings such as caravans or narrowboats, including from LPG storage vessels. It also contains guidance on storage of such vessels.

    This Standard addresses the design, installation, testing, purging, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of gas supply systems up to the point of connection to pre-fabricated pipework on:

    • Caravan holiday homes.
    • Residential park homes.
    • Waterborne accommodation (Not including those used for commercial or industrial purposes).

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  • IGEM/G/7 - Risk assessment techniques

    This Standard supersedes IGE/SR/24, Communication 1655, which is obsolete.

    IGEM/G/7 covers the techniques used in risk assessment. The requirements provided are laid out in a general format. Specific problems may need more detailed treatment and the Standard provides the basis on which detailed procedures, appropriate to the circumstances, can be written.

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  • IGEM/G/8 - Handling, transporting and storing PE pipes and fittings

    This Standard contains basic guidance on the transport and storage of Polyethylene pipes and fittings for use in any fuel gas installation.

    This Standard covers the handling, transport and storage of PE pipe and fittings in commercially available sizes. It covers PE pipe ion coils, on drums and as straight lengths. The contents are general to the wide range of components and assemblies available, and as such the specific application will need to take account of the specific circumstances and components involved.

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  • IGEM/G/10- Non-return valves

    This new IGEM Specification IGEM/G/10 - Non-return valves, is intended to provide information for the provision and requirements for the use of non-return valves (NRVs) in gas installations.

    This document is largely based upon the original requirement for NRVs as agreed between British Gas and Energy Utilities Alliance, as published in IM14 in 1989. The requirements of this document were incorporated into IGE/GM/8 Part 1 when it was published in 2005, however as the need for NRVs is not limited to meter installations, IGEM agreed to publish the content into a separate document as a Specification.

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  • IGEM/G/11 - Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure

    This procedure has been published by IGEM to assist engineers in the classification of dangerous situations, which may include installation pipework, service pipework, appliances, meter installations and LPG storage etc.

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