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Free IGEM Standards

IGEM currently has the following Standards available for free download:

  • IGEM/IG/1
    Standards of training in gas work. Communication 1767.
  • IGEM/IG/1 Supplement 1
    Non domestic training specification. Communication 1788.
  • IGEM/IG/2
    Guidance for gas engineers to the application of relevant sections of IGEM/UP/19 in catering establishments. Communication 1772.
  • IGEM/G/0
    A Standard for IGEM Standards. Communication 1782.
  • IGEM/G/1 Edition 2
    Defining the end of the network, a meter installation and installation pipework. Communication 1765.
  • IGEM/G/4 Edition 2
    Definitions for the gas industry. Communication 1763.
  • IGEM/G/11
    Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure. Communication 1822.
  • IGEM/G/101
    Onshore Natural Gas extraction and route to use. Communication 1766.
  • IGEM/GL/9 Ed 2
    Guidance for large gas consumers in dealing with Natural Gas supply in emergencies. Communication 1806.
  • IGE/UP/7 Edition 2 with amendments October 2008
    Gas installations in timber framed and light steel framed buildings. Communication 1722.


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