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During the 1960's and 1970's much of the mainland UK was converted to burn natural gas from the previously used town's gas. However, some areas were thought not to be financially viable for a costly natural gas supply network, so an alternative cost effective gas supply was needed and was found in the form of an LPG/Air mixture. This form of gas had similar properties and characteristics to the old town's gas and allowed existing pipelines to be utilised given the similar supply pressures of the two gases.

Various areas of the UK (Northern Scotland, Northern Ireland, West Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), were supplied by this form of gas, however, currently only the Channel Islands are using it.

LPG is stored in liquid form within large vessels often by the dockside, where it is pumped to a vaporiser converting the liquid to a gas. The gas is then heated and blended with air then stored in gasholders ready for use via the gas supply network to the home.

The gas supply network is similar to that of natural gas with the exception that all materials used are suitable for the properties of LPG such as medium density polyethylene (MDPE) and galvanised steel.

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