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Training for new entrants to the gas industry

'Standards of training in gas work' (IGEM/IG/1) is one of the outcomes from revision in 2013 to the Safety in the installation and use of gas systems and appliances L56 Approved Code of Practice and relates specifically to Regulation 3 (1), see paragraphs 80 and 81.

IGEM/IG/1 sets out the requirements for training in gas work for; new entrants to the gas industry working under the scope of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations (GS(I&U)R); those persons currently or previously registered seeking re-registration as a 'class of persons' (or have a relevant gas qualification) and; those persons working at premises or on equipment outside the scope of GS(I&U)R.

In order to met the new requirements set out in IGEM/IG/1 for the new entrants to the industry, the industry has developed training specifications to cover each of the utilisation sectors; domestic, non domestic both for Natural Gas and LPG. The industry has come together facilitated by EU Skills, IGEM, UKLPG and the Meter Asset Managers though the MAMCOP Board to create these specifications on which the training will be based.

Industry formed a working group facilitated by IGEM to prepare IGEM/IG/1 Supplement 1 Non domestic training specification. Those industry bodies who contributed include the Large Business Forum, EUA, ICOM, CEDA, CESA, CITB, SLEAT, UKLPG, EU Skills, Gas Safe Register and organisations including National Grid, Wales and West Utilities, National Grid Metering, Energy Assets, Calor, Carillion, British Gas Business Commercial Services, Romec, UK Certification, Northern Gas Assessment Services, Logic Certification, Blueflame Associates, GTS, CH4 Services, Global Energy Associates, Installation and Design Services, SA Gas Engineering, Cert-ain Certification, Specialist Gas Assessment Services, GATC, CentriC Technical Services.

This Specification is designed to provided the criteria for training to be developed for a new entrant to the industry to gain an initial overall understanding of the non domestic gas industry and then proceed to a sector specialisation course, for example pipework, metering, heating, catering, laundry and process/plant.

Training courses that have been designed to meet this specification and have acquired industry recognition will enable those that successfully complete that training to apply to an ACS centre for an appropriate assessment(s) of competence. Passing such assessment(s) will enable that person to apply to Gas Safe Register to become a 'class of persons' to allow them to work in those premises covered by GS(I&U)R.

This training may equally be appropriate for those persons working at premises or on equipment outside the scope of GS(I&U)R.

The IGEM/IG/1 Supplement 1 is available from IGEM or from EU Skills from 1st July 2016 and those training organisations wishing to offer such training can prepare their courses for recognition by an EU Skills approved organisation.

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