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Thursday, October 05, 2017

UK drivers "could get paid for owning an electric car"

UK drivers could be paid to own an electric car under a pioneering new partnership between Ovo Energy and Nissan.

The companies hope that the offer - the first of its kind in the UK - will speed up the adoption of greener vehicles.

The "vehicle to grid" technology allows owners of Nissan's electric cars to connect their batteries to the grid during low-demand, cheap tariff periods.

If all of the UK's cars were connected to the grid they could supply up to 200GW, more than double the current peak requirement, Nissan and Ovo said. The first installations are set for January 2018.

The ability to store electricity in thousands of batteries across the country will help maximise the use of renewables which are produced only when conditions are right, the companies said. It could also reduce the need for new power stations and upgrades to the grid, according to Ovo Chief Executive, Stephen Fitzpatrick.

"Electric vehicles are fast becoming a mainstream option  for drivers and solve many of the challenges facing our cities. We believe that they have an integral part to play in the twenty-first century power grid and accelerating decarbonisation and mobility," he added.

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