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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Trial to phase in hydrogen as fuel to begin in North West

Liverpool and Manchester are to be the testbed for an ambitious £600m project aiming to solve the thorny problem of how the government cuts the carbon footprint of the gas that heats most of Britain's homes.

Cadent, which runs the connections to half of the UK homes on gas, hopes to undertake a pioneering trial in the 2020s using hydrogen as a cleaner alternative to methane in pipelines across the region.

Formerly known as National Grid Gas Distribution Limited, the company will focus on industrial users in sectors such as chemicals and oil refining, because using 100 per cent hydrogen requires new boilers to be installed.

gas burner

Cadent believes mixing in hydrogen to account for about a fifth of supplies could be done without harming domestic boilers and cooking equipment, such as hobs.

"We want to help demonstrate a pathway to the decarbonisation of heat that is not only lowest cost to UK plc but is minimally invasive to customers. Any government policy which requires customers making different choices is very difficult," said David Parkin, the engineering director at Cadent.

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