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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Real-time networks - your help needed

The project trial will take place in SGN's south east LDZ, where innovative sensor technologies will be installed to measure gas flow, pressure and quality in the Medway area. Consumer gas demand will also be recorded using discrete data loggers installed at consumer meters from a statistically representative sample of properties from SGN's south east residential and commercial customers.

The data collected will also provide a valuable opportunity to manage the network in 'real-time', thanks to the arrival of 'big data' and 'cloud data storage' systems.

If you, or anyone you know, live in south-east England and use gas, you could be part of this exciting opportunity for a potentially cheaper, more secure and lower carbon gas future. 600 participants will be selected for the data logger installation and will receive a £40 high street voucher and a free CO alarm.

Real-Time Networks will be a major step towards a future network that could support the removal of expensive gas quality processing, increase our ability to adapt for the future energy needs of Great Britain and create the potential for cheaper gas bills for customers.

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SGN's innovation project, Real-Time Networks, aims to demonstrate a flexible 'real-time' network to meet Great Britain's current and evolving energy market needs. An enhanced network will be able to respond to the accelerated uptake of downstream renewable technologies and deliver gas to customers more efficiently.