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Monday, April 22, 2013

IGEM-sponsored Future Electricity Research Inquiry Update

  • National and international media coverage for IGEM-sponsored 'Power from fossil fuels' report
  • Your chance to influence next in series inquiry and report on renewable power generation

Power from fossil fuels

The first of three IGEM-sponsored reports into future power generation was launched at Westminster last Monday 22nd April.

The 'Power from fossil fuels' report was produced following an independent Parliamentary inquiry for which IGEM and its Industrial Affiliates contributed expert evidence.

'Power from fossil fuels' contains key findings designed to influence UK energy policy at a critical time with the Draft Energy Bill currently passing through Parliament.

The report indicates that natural gas will continue to play a crucial role in future UK power generation, and will provide back-up capacity for intermittent renewables including wind and solar.

It contains an evaluation of UK shale gas prospects and how fostering a UK carbon capture and storage industry could extend the use of fossil fuel-power generation for decades to come.

Senior Parliamentarian and member of the Energy & Climate Change Select Committe Peter Lilley said:

"Compared with all the other reports I've read in this area, this is one of the best. Even when I disagree with the opinions they are well argued and well placed"

Media attention following the launch of the report has included coverage by The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent and in France Journal de l'environnement.

Download the report here.

Next up: Renewable energy generation
Conference:  Thursday 16th May, 1 Birdcage Walk, Westminster

The next inquiry and report produced by think tank Carbon Connect will focus on the role of renewable energy generation in meeting climate targets and enhancing security of supply.

IGEM's Industrial Affiliate and individual members as well as wider industry contacts are all warmly invited to attend this free conference which will inform inquiry proceedings and the final report.

Breakout sessions will focus on biomass sustainability, managing intermittency and future technology costs.

The inquiry will be opened by Chairs Charles Hendry MP (former energy minister) and Baroness Worthington (Labour peer and Lords' energy lead).

Senior IGEM representatives will also be present and research questions will be published for which expert written industry evidence will be requested.

For further details click here or contact Matthew Sherwood at IGEM (email, call 07904 633037).


Contact Matthew Sherwood using the details provided above or tweet @IGEMGi using the hashtag #futurelectricityseries.