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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Fracking plans face cold shoulder under new Wales policy

Future applications from developers wanting to drill for oil and gas in Wales will not be supported, ministers have confirmed.

The Welsh Government has set out an updated policy on petroleum extraction, which includes fracking.

It comes ahead of the devolution of powers of consent for licensing new developments to Cardiff Bay in October.

Fracking plans face cold shoulder under new Wales policyThe Welsh Government has opposed fracking for several years, with a "moratorium" in place since 2015.

The controversial technique is designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock, which is fractured by high pressure drilling and injecting of water, sand and chemicals.

Petroleum licences, issued by the UK government over the last 30 years, give a developer the exclusive rights to explore for and develop oil or gas in a particular area.

In stating that it will not undertake any new licensing in Wales, the Welsh Government says it will be taking "a small, yet important step towards a decarbonised future".

A consultation on the proposals runs until the end of September.


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