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Professional Review Report

The Professional Review Report should demonstrate that you have gained a sufficient breadth and depth of engineering and management experience to undertake a position of responsibility appropriate to a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer. It should describe in chronological order the experience you have acquired giving, wherever possible, examples of situations that demonstrate your achievements. The Report should also highlight those activities, which demonstrate Competence and Commitment according to the Engineering Council Criteria.

Format of the Professional Review Report

When preparing the report, candidates should bear in mind that the application will be photocopied to Interviewers and Committee Members. The Report should therefore be typed in black ink, with double spacing, on single sided A4 paper with a font size of 10 and unbound.

Applicants for Chartered Engineer (CEng) registration should submit a Report of about 3000 words and applicants for Incorporated Engineer (IEng) a report of about 1500 words, excluding any supporting documents.

With your report you will need to read and match to the competence and commitment statements (A1 - E5) to demonstrate how you have met these criterias, by identifying page and paragraph number on the evidence sheet.


A Competence, Knowledge and Understanding
B Application to Practice
C Leadership / Management / Supervision
D Interpersonal Skills
E Commitment, Professional Conduct

On the final page of the report the following statement should appear, signed by a person qualified to make the statement, and preferably a Chartered Engineer:

"I certify that I have read the Professional Review report written by (your name) and confirm that to the best of my knowledge it is a true and accurate statement."

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