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Professional Review Interview

The principal purpose of the Professional Review Interview (PRI) is to enable the Assessors to validate, or otherwise, the competence and commitment of the candidate in a transparent, objective and auditable manner. The portfolio, together with 'referee statements' and careful questioning, enables the Assessors to determine whether or not the candidate is working at a level appropriate to the grade of membership or registration being sought.

The Interview Panel

The interview panel will comprise of appropriately qualified members, experienced in conducting interviews, at least one of who will be conversant in the candidate's field of technical expertise and level of registration.  Prior to the interview they will have received and read copies of your;

  • application (including training report) for membership of the Institution
  • Written report / submission of professional experience
  • other documentations provided

Your preparation for the interview should be reviewing your report of professional experience so that you can discuss your experience in terms of the concepts described below.

The Interview Process

The Interview will commence with the panel generally seeking to confirm that your experience is substantially as described in your application.  Thereafter, they will seek evidence of your;

Depth of Technical Knowledge, i.e. your understanding of, and conversance with, a range of scientific and engineering principles and their applications in the development of projects, and in the analysis and resolution of specific problems.  This will normally include design experience.

Understanding of Current Technology, i.e. your awareness and appreciation of the technology currently in use in your areas of work and your ability to relate modern working technologies to your particular field of work (if appropriate).

Exercise of Professional Judgment i.e. your ability to appraise situations and, on the basis of this, form reasoned opinions or take informed decisions.

Levels of Personal Responsibility i.e. the extent to which you have had to, or are able to, take and implement decisions based on your initiative and judgment.

This will also include your awareness, and acceptance, of the consequences of such decisions.

Depth of Professional Knowledge, i.e. your understanding of, and discernment in, good conduct, best practice in such concerns as environmental considerations and occupational health and safety  and your appreciation of the codes of conduct that apply to your occupation.

Understanding of The Role of The Professional / Engineer in society i.e. your understanding of the ethical, economic and environmental impact of technical needs and changes.

Involvement with Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  If you have not already provided the Institution with an account/record of your CPD activities, you should bring this to the interview.

Throughout the interview the onus is on you to demonstrate your ability and suitability for membership.  You should therefore bring to the interview any authenticated material, for example, reports, artifacts, design projects, calculations etc., that might help illustrate your technical competence and professionalism in the areas described above.

Notwithstanding the preceding comment, the interview is an oral examination and NOT an interrogation.  It is intended to give you and the panel an opportunity to identify your strengths as an engineer member.

After the Interview

The panel members are not permitted to disclose their conclusions and recommendations to you at any stage until the application has been finally considered and approved by the Membership Committee.

The authority to elect, transfer or reject membership applications lies with the Membership Committee. The Institution will advise you of the outcome of your application as soon as possible after the next Committee meeting.

If the panel has recommended engineer registration at the appropriate level, the Institution will send the appropriate documents to the Engineering Council for registration, once the appropriate payment has been received from the candidate.  Then Engineering Council will contact the candidate direct, to inform him/her of the registration number.

If membership/registration has NOT been recommended, you will be advised of the reasons for this and of suggested remedial actions.

If you feel that the decision not to recommend membership/registration is unwarranted, you can appeal in writing to the Institution's CEO.  The appeal together with all details relating to the professional review will be forwarded to the Institution's Council for consideration and resolution.

Thereafter, there may be a further right of appeal to the Engineering Council if registration with the Council is sought. If there are any points you wish to clarify beforehand please do not hesitate to contact Membership Services.

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