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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is defined as the 'systematic maintenance', improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional duties throughout your working life.

If you are to maximise your potential for lifetime employability, it is essential that you maintain high levels of professional competence by continually upgrading your skills and knowledge.  CPD covers the training and lifelong learning from the period of registration throughout an individual's career.

CPD is supported by IGEM with the aim of creating an environment which enables you to remain professionally competent throughout your working life.  This is done by providing information and guidance to assist you to develop your expertise in recognising and planning your learning needs, recording the activities you undertake to satisfy those needs and thus maximize your employability.

Recording CPD

Recording CPD activities is very straightforward. You simply need to keep a record of what the activity was and what benefits you gained from the activity. The key thing in recording a CPD activity is to reflect on what you learned and how that benefited you.

You should also consider how activities help you develop and how you may be able to apply new skills and abilities in your role going forward. Consider how the completed activity helped you improve a particular skill, work safer, become more efficient etc. The benefits gained might simply be one line or could be a couple of paragraphs. It will depend on the activity and your individual circumstances.

You may even find that a particular activity might be valuable CPD for you but not your colleague. Or, if you have a different level of experience from a colleague, you may take away different lessons from the same activity.

One way to help you decide what to record as CPD is to prepare a CPD plan. The Plan can be as long or as short as you like. The important thing is for the plan to help you keep track of how you want to develop yourself. Having a plan also makes it easier to reflect on your CPD activities as you will be able to reference back to any objectives you have set yourself.


There are a number of ways by which to keep records, but the most usual is using IGEM's 'mycareerpath' via the 'My IGEM' login. This self assessment tool enables you to monitor yourself against agreed competencies by planning and recording evidence linked to competencies or longer term goals. You can also have your assessments, plans, reports and evidence reviewed.

By recording activities on mycareerpath you can also quickly and easily pull off reports of your CPD activities.

Mycareerpath can be used from smartphones, tablets, PCs and MACs so is ideal for recording your activities on the go.

CPD Approved Courses

Courses and seminars can be approved by IGEM for Continuous Professional Development purposes. If you are running a course, seminar or event you think may be relevant to our members, please contact Membership Services to discuss the details.


Each summer IGEM will randomly select 2% of our Engineering Technician, Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer members and contact them to request their CPD records. The records will be reviewed by our Professional Development Committee who will then provide feedback.

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