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IGEM Academy is our way of supporting and nurturing the progression of gas engineers and managers to achieve professional qualifications and enhance careers. Individuals may participate in professional development to maintain and improve professional competence, keep up-to-date with new technology and practices and to comply with organisational requirements.

Initial Professional Development (IPD) is the development undertaken before becoming professionally registered as EngTech, IEng or CEng. This is when aspiring professionals learn to apply their knowledge and understanding, develop their skills and competence, and begin to apply professional judgement. IPD enables engineers and technicians to demonstrate the necessary competence and commitment to become registered with the Engineering Council.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which individuals maintain and improve their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives. As a member of IGEM, you will be required to maintain and develop your professional competence by keeping up to date with new developments in science and engineering relevant to your field. If you are an employer, you will be expected to encourage your employees to keep on top of their CPD. Under the IGEM CPD Scheme any activities carried out as IPD can be recorded as CPD and used to demonstrate a member has met their CPD obligations.

IGEM Academy is the vibrant, multi-faceted and industry leading home of our training events and technical workshops. Providing a programme of events along five main themes we seek to empower engineers and managers to develop their own career paths. These thematic areas each cover different aspects of a gas professional's career so you are easily able to select the areas of training required for your needs. Each workshop is mapped against UK-SPEC so you will be signposted on your journey to professional registration. High quality training is the foundation of our Academy and we provide dedicated support and guidance for all Academy entrants.

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