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Technical Report Option

IGEM recognises that not everyone who wishes to become a professionally registered engineer has an accredited Bachelors or Masters degree, but many people during the course of their career will have gained the experience and knowledge to achieve this.

The purpose of the Technical Report Option is to provide a mechanism for applicants who lack the full benchmark academic base to demonstrate that their professional engineering experience has compensated for any shortfall.

Applicants are required to submit evidence in the form of a technical report to show that they have acquired a thorough understanding of engineering principles through the combination of initial qualification and subsequent professional development to underpin the UK-SPEC exemplifying route, Masters level (for CEng) or Bachelor level (for IEng).


The length of the technical report required will be determined by our Academic Panel and is dependent on your initial qualifications.

If you have gained any further learning, e.g. through formal programmes / examinations, incidental to other learning / training programmes, by research, by self-study of appropriate text books or by any other means, this should be mentioned in the application document with evidence to assist the Academic Panel in its considerations.


You should first submit the following documents:

  • A completed Corporate Application Form
  • A copy of your qualification transcripts if available
  • A comprehensive CV up to a maximum of 4 pages. This must include details of your current role and level of responsibility
  • A 500 word Synopsis about the proposed subject area of the technical report which should indicate how you propose to demonstrate satisfaction of the requirements using the Synopsis Template
  • A Contents List
  • £200 technical report application fee

IGEM's Academic Panel will make an initial assessment of the extent of the perceived academic shortfall and the nature of your professional experience.

You will then be advised whether IGEM will accept a technical report or not in lieu of exemplifying qualifications. In either situation, you will be advised of alternative routes to satisfy the academic requirements such as university modules, a relevant postgraduate qualification or an assessed work-based learning programme. Guidance may also be offered about the key elements which the submission should include.

You must secure approval of your proposed subject area and obtain feedback from the Academic Panel, before commencing your final technical report.


Download the Technical Report Option Guidance for more detailed informat i on on the requirements, structure and assessment process. If you would like to make further enquiries then please contact Membership Services.

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