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Member Manager

Member Managers (MIGEM) are involved in the commercial leadership of the gas industry or an organisation directly connected with the gas industry and are likely to have held a senior management position for some time.

Member Managers are entitled to use the letters MIGEM after their name.


  • Hold a senior management position in an organisation directly associated or connected with the gas industry and have been a senior manager at this level for a minimum of four years; or
  • Have a suitable academic, vocational or professional qualification (i.e. NVQ Level III or above) and to have held an appropriate senior management position for a period of two years; and
  • Show on the application a personal plan of development that incorporates a clear commitment to lifelong learning and Continuing Professional Development.


  • Complete and sign both the Member Manager Application Form
  • Arrange for a Proposer to support your application and complete Section J; they must be a Member Manager or have final registration with the Engineering Council
  • Arrange for your Proposer to sign copies of your certificates to confirm they have seen the originals and believe these to be a true copy
  • Submit completed Member Manager Application Form along with copies of certificates and relevant application fee to Membership Services

All applications are referred to the Membership Committee for election. Candidates may be interviewed and notified of the result of the Membership Committee as soon as a decision has been made.

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