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Licensed Gas Technician

Gas Safe Registration proves that you have been deemed "safe to with work with gas", but what about other aspects of the service you provide and the quality of your work?

If you can demonstrate that you are operating to a higher level of overall job competence, and customer service is something that is important to you and your company, then you can apply for Licensed Gas Technician membership.


If you are currently working in the downstream gas market and you meet the following requirements, you can apply for this grade of membership:

  • Have a current Gas Safe Registration Number and License Number
  • Have a minimum of 2 years continuous Gas Safe Registration
  • Demonstrate compliance to IGEM's Competence and Commitment criteria
  • Demonstrate compliance with the required 'Customer Service Standard'
  • Be willing to sign a declaration to observe and abide by the relevant By-Laws, Regulations, Code of Conduct and Customer Charter.


You need to demonstrate you have the relevant knowledge and experience to ensure that you are working to the level set out by the Competence and Commitment criteria. You also need to achieve the required standard for Customer Service.

There are two ways to gain the grade of Licensed Gas Technician, Standard Route and Individual Route.

Standard Route

For those who hold an IGEM approved qualification listed here.

Individual Route

Those who do not hold an IGEM approved qualification may demonstrate their knowledge and experience through an individual assessment. Please refer to the Competence and Commitment criteria.


  • Complete the Standard Route or Individual Route application form
  • Provide details of two customers who you have carried out work for in the last 12 months who are willing to be contacted by IGEM to provide references in support of your application. If you are employed by a large company and unable to provide these details, please contact Membership Services
  • Provide your Gas Safe Registration and License Number for verification
  • Read the IGEM Licensed Gas Technician Customer Charter and Service Pledge
  • Read the IGEM Code of Conduct and the Complaints / Disciplinary Procedures
  • Return your completed application form with the appropriate fees and a copy of your approved qualification certificate(s) to Membership Services

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