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Incorporated Member

Incorporated Engineers (IEng) maintain and manage applications of current and developing technology at the highest efficiency. They provide independently and as leaders a significant influence on the overall effectiveness of the organisation in which they work.

Incorporated Members are entitled to use the letters IEng MIGEM after their name.


IPD may be expected to take at least 3 years and it is a requirement to demonstrate competence and commitment applied in the gas industry by means of a Professional Review Report.


The process will be more straightforward if you hold particular academic qualifications, these are:

  • An accredited Bachelors or honours degree in engineering or technology
  • An accredited HNC or HND in engineering or technology (for programmes started before Sept 1999)
  • An HNC or HND started after Sept 1999 (but before Sept 2010 in the case of the HNC) or a Foundation Degree in engineering or technology, plus appropriate further learning to degree level
  • An NVQ4 or SVQ4 that has been approved by a professional engineering institution, plus appropriate further learning to degree level*

You can check if your course is accredited on the Accredited Course Search database.

*see for HE reference points

Alternatively you may:

  • Have successfully completed the Technical Report Option; or
  • Be registered as an Incorporated Engineer with a UK Engineering Institution (see Dual Registration)


  • Complete and sign the Corporate Application Form
  • Arrange for Proposer to support your application and complete Section I; they must have final registration with the Engineering Council
  • Arrange for your Proposer to sign all copies of your academic certificates to confirm they have seen the original and believe these to be true copies
  • Complete a 1500 word Professional Review Report
  • Submit completed Corporate application form along with your Professional Review Report, copies of certificates and relevant application fee to Membership Services

A Professional Review Interview will be arranged as soon as the completed application has been received and all checking procedures have been completed. Following the Professional Review Interview, candidates will be notified of the result of the Membership Committee as soon as a decision has been made.

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