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  • Do I need to be an IGEM member to enter?

    You don't need to be an IGEM member to enter the section heats but if you reach the final you will need to apply to become one before 1st June 2018.

  • Can I enter again if I have entered before?

    Yes, previous entrants are actively encouraged to re-enter but with a different paper.  Winners of the final will not be allowed to re-enter the competition for 3 years after winning.

  • I'm not an engineer can I still enter?

    Submissions are welcomed from anyone working in the gas industry.

  • Can I enter with a topic that is non-engineering?

    Yes, as well as technical engineering related topics, areas such as health, safety and environment, commercial utilisation, marketing and other industry support services to name but a few are relevant.

  • Do I get CPD for entering?

    If you are an IGEM member then entering and going though the process can be recorded via 'mycareerpath' -

  • I haven't written a professional report before; what does a good example look like?

    There are some guidelines plus real examples of past papers on the website to help you with this -

  • Do I have to use PowerPoint for my presentation?

    You don't have to stick with PowerPoint but could consider other options such as Prezi.  Please consider compatibility issues when preparing your presentation.

  • Who will be judging the section heats / national finals?

    A selection of experienced industry professionals will be on the judging panels for both section heats and the final.

  • How does the judging scheme work?

    The judging criteria is the same for the section heats and the final except that finalists will be judged on their 1500 word paper as well as their presentation. Marks will be awarded for the following criteria: relevance/potential benefit to the gas industry; originality; professionalism of presentation; depth of personal involvement and knowledge demonstrated; quality of presentation (enthusiasm, engagement, use of visual aids and time management); skill in handling questions.

  • How many people attend the section heats and final?

    Between 20 to 30 on average attend the section heats and up to 100 for the final.

  • What is the prize for the section heats?

    £250 for the winner and £100 for the first runner up.

  • Must I be in the UK for the section heats or can I present via teleconference/telepresence?

    Generally teleconference or similar methods are used as alternatives when presenting in person is not possible.  The competition is aimed at developing the skills of individuals in delivering effective and relevant presentations; therefore offering alternative methods is seen as against the spirit of the competition.

  • Will IGEM cover my expenses for attending or should I arrange funding from my employer/ personally?

    IGEM Secretariat will not cover expenses but you may be able to get some assistance from your local section.  Ask your local section chairman or secretary -

  • Can papers that have been submitted to another organisation (SPE, RGS etc) be entered?

    Yes entrants should ensure that there are no restrictions placed on their papers by these organisations.

  • Do I need permission from my company to enter the competition?

    Yes if the paper is based on work completed with the employer they should be consulted prior to entering the competition.

  • If I am successful at the section heat, can I opt out of having the paper published?

    Yes - please advise the YPN Secretary should you wish to opt out.

  • Can I enter a joint paper with a colleague?

    Joint entries are not permitted as the competition encourages and rewards individual achievement.

  • Will I automatically be entered into a section heat?

    Where a significant number of entries are received the local District Section will undertake pre-assessment.

  • How do I know which section to enter?

    Normally you will enter the section you are geographically closest to.