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IGEM first known as the British Association of Gas Managers, has evolved throughout the 20th Century since its first incarnation in 1863. In 2001, the Institution became the 'Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers' moving away from an exclusive organisation for engineers and managers to allowing non-engineering gas industry professionals to become corporate members in strict conditions.

Gas Engineering as a profession was founded by Samuel Clegg, who was appointed in 1813 as the first engineer of the Chartered Gas Light and Coke Company in London. In 2003 the Institution celebrated the centenary of the Incorporated Institution of Gas Engineers, which was granted a Royal Charter in 1929. In 2012 the Gas Industry celebrates its 200th year. In 2013, IGEM will celebrate 150 years in existence.

IGEM Honorary Fellows include HRH Duke of Edinburgh and HRH Prince of Wales.



The purpose of IGEM membership is to allow anyone in the gas industry at any level of engineering knowledge and understanding to join a professional Institution specialising in the industry giving you recognition and assistance in advancing your career.

In recent times membership of a professional body has become a valuable asset and there has never been a greater need for keeping your knowledge and skills up to date to enhance your employability and career. The title of CEng, IEng or EngTech immediately demonstrates commitment to professional excellence, best practice and competences that employers' value. IGEMs other grades include Member Manager, Gas Technician, Associate, Graduate and Student status.

IGEM is proud of its history and reputation as the leading professional body for gas professionals and continues to seek ways to broaden its membership base. In 2010 IGEM launched its newest grade of membership 'Gas Technican' specifically designed to recognise the expertise of people carrying out work on gas installations and appliances throughout the UK.



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